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Train Track was originally a project that Advanced Software Products developed for a large corporation to keep track of employee training records. During development, Advanced Software Products created some key technology. We successfully designed a sophisticated relational database that allows employees to maintain their training records via their web browser.

The administrator of the system has constant access to the training records and can run reports on the data. Train Track allowed our customer to:

Find, Edit, and Maintain Employee Records
Find Out Who/Who has not Taken a Course
Add or Delete New Courses with the Push of a Button
Make Training Records Available to the Whole Company over the Intranet
Track Training Units for Courses Taken
Merge Information into System from Other Databases

Train Track greatly reduces the administrative overhead in maintaining employee training records. The system runs off a web server and functions with virtually no administration. The database is automatically backed up every night and the system is available 24 hours - 7 days a week.


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