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Testing and Assessment for large groups of people can often be difficult and time consuming. Advanced Software products offers software and services that can streamline the process. With our software, you can provide complete paperless testing and surveying.When designing and implementing an electronic testing and assessment system there are several options to consider

Exam Player Distribution: How do you want to distribute the exam player? Can you install software on the remote machines?

Exam Distribution: How do you want to distribute your exam? Do you want to use E-mail, send the exams via floppy disk, use a local network, use a wide area network, or provide a way for people to use their modem to automatically retrieve new exams?

Result Retrieval: After the exam is completed, how do you get these results back to the central office? Do you use the same method that you used for exam distribution?

Report Generation: What kind of reports do you want to generate? What kind of information do you want in your reports?

  Case Study: Distributing Exams and Surveys to a Sales Force of 3000
  Problem: Advanced Software Products was asked to design an electronic testing and assessment system for a large pharmaceutcial company with over 3000 sales representatives. The sales representatives were using laptop computers but did not have E-mail yet. The central office wanted to be able to keep track of how all the representatives did, but they also wanted to give the District Managers access to their representative's scores.

Solution: Advanced Software created a custom version of our Digital Professor software with support for modem transfers. Sales Representatives could launch Digital Professor on their computer and dial into a remote access Exam Server to retrieve exams and surveys from the home office. The representatives could then take the exams and surveys off-line. After they were done, the results were sent to the Exam Server back in the home office where the results were imported into a database. Student results were made available to trainers and District Managers through the internal office network.

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