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Advanced Software Products has provided training solutions for many companies. Many of our solutions involve modifying our existing products to fit a company's needs. At Advanced Software Products, we have realized that everyone's needs are usually different. We have developed our software with this in mind and have embraced the philosophy of using object oriented design when we create our products. This technology allows us to customize or create new software with a minimum amount of work and cost to our client. Below are some of the customized solutions we have provided to clients.

Digital Professor Digital Professor is one of our main products. After selling Digital Professor to several major companies, we quickly realized that not all companies had the same criterion for administering electronic exams and surveys. Companies wanted a customized testing solution without having to pay for custom development. Luckily, had designed Digital Professor with this idea in mind. Using our existing software, we can add the features and enhancements that your company may want without having to charge you for the complete development of a new product. This helps keep the cost down and the quality up.
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Train Track Train Track is our customized solution for keeping track of Training Records. Train Track allows trainers to easily keep track of the different training courses that their students have taken. The software employs a sophisticated relational database that lets trainers perform queries into what courses have/have not been taken by students. One of our clients is a major pharmaceutical company with over 3,000 sales representatives. Train Track is currently being used by them to keep track of their representative's training records. Students can retrieve their training records online and update an electronic course form. This course form is then merged into the database at the central office.
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Wireless Keypad Solutions Wireless Keypads are a perfect way to present material interactively to a large group of people. Advanced Software Products provides both off-the-self software and custom solutions to help you use the keypads effectively. Wireless Keypads are a perfect solution for getting large groups of people to interact. A Fleetwood receiving unit can support up to 250 participants for interactive questioning, polling, and gaming.
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