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Java Programming Java is a revolutionary new language from Sun Microsystems. Advanced Software Products feels that Java will help to play an important part in future of Web Based Training for the Internet or Intranet. The main reason that Java seems to be so compelling is that it comes pre-installed on web-browsers. No more Plug-Ins and nothing to download. Another key benefit of Java is that programs will run on different platforms (i.e. Windows, Macintosh, OS/2, Unix, etc.) without modification. We have already converted our Quiz Bowl and Digital Professor products to run under Java and have received positive feedback from our clients.

Custom CBT CBT software, or Computer Based Training software can make learning fun. By incorporating colorful graphics, sounds, and animations, a good CBT software can make your training material come to life. At Advanced Software Products, we specialize in making easy-to-use CBT that looks stylish and makes the learning experience fun. We often incorporate our training games such as Quiz Bowl and Q&A Challenge into a customer's CBT software. Advanced Software Products has created CBT programs for several major companies including American Express, Unisys, and Ohmeda Pharmaceuticals. Check out our affordable rates for developing your next CBT software.

Web Solutions The World Wide Web is changing at an incredible rate. Is it Internet or Intranet. Should you create your training applications with Java or Shockwave? Advanced Software Products can help you find solutions to all your web-programming needs. We have set up both Intranet and Internet sites for several large corporations and are quite familiar with the major issues that are involved with setting up and maintaining large internet or intranet sites. ASP offers affordable consulting rates for designing a web-based solution or evaluating your existing solution or proposal.

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