Team Quiz Bowl

With Team Quiz Bowl v3.0 for Windows, large classrooms can interactively play a Jeopardy-Style game together. Team Quiz Bowl uses state of the art Fleetwood ReplyŽ Wireless Keypads to support up to 250 simultaneous game players for an incredible level of interactivity. The animations, sound effects, and colorful interface will help make your training program successful and exciting.

The object of the game is simple. Players are divided into two, three, or four teams. A question is then selected from the game grid and displayed on the screen. The students on the different teams use their wireless keypads to enter their answers simultaneously. As the students enter in their answers, a progress bar in each podium shows how many students have entered in their response. After a pre-set time limit has expired or once all the students have answered the question, the correct answer and team scores are displayed. The team that gets the highest percentage of correct answers receives the points and gets to choose the next question. The game proceeds until all the questions in the game grid are answered or until a specified number of rounds have been played.

After each question, Team Quiz Bowl gives the instructor the option of choosing a user response graph showing how each team answered the question and how the class did as a whole. The program can also generate sophisticated user reports and the end of the game showing how each team did by themselves and how each student did individually. These reports can be printed or saved to disk from within the program.

Team Quiz Bowl 3.0 Features:
Animated player characters.
Engaging sound effects and music.
Easy-to-use Quiz Builder software for game creation.
Enhanced 256 color graphics.
Player response graphs.
Advanced score reporting.
Support for up to four teams
Variable question grid size
Keypad controller icon showing connection
Support for graphics, sounds, and movies in questions
Quick Roster feature to help you set up teams
Team configuration preview


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