Use Quiz Builder to Create Your Own Quiz Bowl Games

Creating a new Quiz Bowl game is elegantly simple with the included Quiz Builder software. Quiz Builder is an easy-to-use program that runs under Windows (95, 98, NT4, ME, 2000, and XP) and lets you quickly create your own games. Game files created with Quiz Builder work with Quiz Bowl for Windows, Team Quiz Bowl, and Quiz Bowl for Java. When you create a game with Quiz Builder, you can see how the questions will appear when Quiz Bowl is run. Once you have completed designing your game, you can save the results out as a Quiz File that can be read by our different Quiz Bowl products.

When you start the program you will see a miniature version of the Quiz Bowl question grid along the bottom of the screen. The grid is initially gray, but as you add more questions and categories, the grid becomes filled in. The Quiz Builder interface is all point, click, and type. Simply double-click on a category button and you will be prompted to enter in your category name. Likewise, if you double-click on the title button, you will be prompted to enter in a title for the game. For round options such as grid size and round title, double click on the Round Options button.

To create a question, simply double-click on one of the numbered question buttons in the question grid. A Define Question window will appear allowing you to type in your question along with the different responses. You can select one of three different question types: Multiple Choice, True False, or Short Answer. Depending on the question type that you pick, you type the question, choose the correct answer, and type any result feedback. With the new Quiz Builder, you can also add multimedia to your questions. Just click on one of the multimedia buttons at the bottom of the Define Question window to add Sounds, Graphics, and even AVI movies to your Quiz Bowl games. You can also specify an individual question as a Wildcard by checking the Wildcard Question box. Wildcard questions are worth double points.

When you are done filling in the grid and setting the game options, simply pull down the file menu in Quiz Bowl and use the "Save Quiz as" selection to save your quiz file in a QBF file that Quiz Bowl for Windows and Team Quiz Bowl can read. If you plan to use the question set for our Quiz Bowl for Java, you can choose the "Export to Java" option under the file pull-down menu.