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Q&A Challenge for Windows is a new game from Advanced Software Products that allows trainers to create their own "Concentration-Style" games. Q&A Challenge comes with an easy-to-use game builder that allows you to create a customized game in just minutes. Games can be played in a classroom or individually by students.

Match the questions and the answers behind the tiles to reveal your own customized background graphic image. It's fun! You can customize your Q&A Challenge games to include multiple rounds, different question grid sizes and your embedded graphics and sounds.

Q&A Challenge Features:
Support for 1, 2, 3, or 4 player games.
Animated player characters and engaging animations
Support for custom graphics,sounds, and movies in questions.
Choice of three gameboard grid sizes.
Support for custom background images/graphics (company logo, product, etc.).
Easy-to-use Q&A Builder software to help you create your own games

Download a Functional Demo of Q&A Challenge v2.1 Today!.