Digital Professor for Windows lets you easily distribute exams or surveys on any Windows based computer. The heart of our Digital Professor for Windows software is the Digital Professor Exam Player. The Exam Player software can be configured to work over a network and can also "play" exams from floppy diskettes or CD-ROMs.

Digital Professor Main Menu

With Digital Professor for Windows, Advanced Software Products created a user interface that is powerful and intuitive. Students can access individual questions in an exam by clicking on a question tab at the bottom of the screen. After the student has answered the question, the tab changes color to green indicating that the question has been answered. This allows a student to skip a question and easily come back to it later. In addition, the previous and next buttons on the right side of the screen lead the student through the exam sequentially.

An instructor can create his/her own exams using our powerful Exam Builder program. The Exam Builder is a Windows program that gives an instructor the capability to create an exam/survey with just the click of a mouse button.


Creating an Exam or Survey with the Exam Builder
Compatibility with Digital Professor for Java
Report Generation with Digital Professor Report Generator
Download a Functional Demo of Digital Professor for Windows