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Wireless Keypad Operation

Keypad Unit and Receiving UnitThe Fleetwood ReplyŽ wireless keypads operate with FM sound. Unlike the less sophisticated infrared keypads, FM wireless keypads are not "line of sight" and are perfect for large auditoriums and classrooms with a range of over 100 feet.

To set up a wireless keypad system, you must have a Receiving Unit. A Receiving Unit plugs into the back of your computer via a serial port. Each receiving unit supports up to 250 keypads. Each Keypad Unit has a simple buttons on the front of the unit that allow a person to enter his/her response. When a person presses a button, the response is shown on a small L.E.D. panel above the buttons. Once the receiving unit has received the signal from a keypad, it sends back a signal to the keypad saying that it has received the data successfully. The L.E.D. on the keypad then turns off, thus sending an indication to the student that his/response has been received.

Any Wireless Keypad System or audience response system is only as good as its software. Advanced Software Products is proud to announce the latest versions of our software products for the Fleetwood Wireless Keypads (See Next Section). For Digital Professor v1.7, we have designed an advanced user interface and incorporated support for an Instructor Keypad ID. For Team Quiz Bowl v3.0, we have added new graphics, team reports, and multimedia question types. Be sure to check them out.

Advanced Software for Wireless Keypads  
Digital Professor for Keypads v1.7 is our software that lets you administer a test or survey to an audience ranging from 2 to 250 people with the wireless keypads. Our advanced user interface makes exam administration and interpretation easy. With Digital Professor, you can produce user response graphs and sophisticated reports with the push of a button.

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Download an Evaluation Copy of our Digital Professor for Keypads

Digital Professor
Now for the fun stuff. With our Team Quiz Bowl for Windows software, up to 250 people can interactively play a jeopardy-style game together. You can create your own questions and categories in just minutes with our advanced Quiz Builder software. Spice up any meeting or presentation with this fun game. Up to four teams can be competing for points.

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Download an Evaluation Copy of Team Quiz Bowl

Since we write our own software, ASP can customize either Digital Professor or Team Quiz Bowl to meet your needs. In the past we have incorporated keypad polling into multimedia software that we have designed. This allows a group to control the flow of the multimedia program and provides a new level of participation for group activities. We have also developed specific polling programs for smaller classroom needs. For example, the image to the right of this text shows a 6 row by 6 column classroom configuration. With this program, an instructor can get immediate feedback from his/her students on a question that they has been asked verbally. Custom Keypad Software
Purchasing Keypads
Yes, Advanced Software Products does resell Fleetwood keypads! Why buy from us instead of another vender?. First, we often sell our keypads for less money. Second, for orders of 10 or more keypads, we offer discounts on our software. Third, for large orders of keypads, we include our software for free. for a free quote.